InkLove #13- Tattooed Mom, Cassidy

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Meet Cassidy!

Cassidy is a mother of 3 and loving wife to her husband, Zach. She is a Patient Care Technician by day, and a super mom by night! I love how she has a theme going with her tattoos. They are all about her beautiful kids <3 

"As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be" is a quote from 'Love You Forever', by Robert Munsch. Cassidy would read it to her girls before they went to sleep. It is such a sweet story. I love the placement of it as well. 

Tattoo Artist - Mike Bailey - Skinsations - Jefferson City, TN

Cassidy's daughters, Lillian & Brooklynn hold the keys to her heart, as represented here. 

Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN

Brooklynn & Lillian's birthdates look adorable in these purple stars & pink swirls. Very cute!

Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN

I don't believe there is a single person out there who has existed past 18 years who could say they have never done a thing they might regret. Cassidy knows from personal experience that people are judged based on their past. She wants to communicate that your past does not dictate who you will be as a person. I love this collar bone piece because it really brings home the point:
"Every Saint has a past....."

Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN

"Every Sinner has a future."

Whoops! When Cassidy was in high school she made the all too common tattoo boo-boo, the struggle is real! Cassidy had a sparrow underneatth that big blue flower. Luckily, she found a pretty talented artist along the way who put a flower over it. A few years later she found an amazing one to re-work that flower and create a very unique and colorful half sleeve.

Tattoo Artist: Drez - Skinsations - Jefferson City, TN

There is a bit of irony in this next piece. Amor Cincit Omnia is Latin for 'Love Conquers All'. the red heart and the dove really bring it together and I truly love this. The day Cassidy had this done was the day her love betrayed her. She did not know about this until coming home with this tattoo! Everything happens for a reason, and shortly after she had a breakup; she met the love of her life and current husband. You see? Love really does conquer all! 
Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN

Cassidy and Zach (AKA Mr.Perfect) Married on September 1st, 2012. Their wedding song was Aaron Lewis's 'Tangled Up In You'. The lyrics shown, "You are the shore. When I'm lost at sea," are twisted into an infinity knot. Love it!

Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN Cassidy knew she loved Zach pretty much right away! They both love Bright Eyes and they decided to get matching tattoos from the song, 'No Lies, Just Love' three weeks after they met.

This four leaf clover symbolizes Cassidy's Irish-American heritage. Erin go bragh!

Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN Cassidy loves her legs, and she wanted to get a tattoo to draw extra attention to how sexy they are! Can you blame her?

Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN

The story of the Lotus Flower is a beautiful story about perseverance, overcoming adversary and thriving in the most challenging conditions. This Lotus flower was a beautiful and meaningful way to cover a tribal piece. Credit to Jessica Parish for such a beautiful cover up! Amazing job!

Tattoo Artist : Jessica Parish - Ink Dreams - Morristown, TN

L & B stands for Lillian and Brooklynn, her two daughters. This was a totally spontaneous choice at a Bike Rally and I love it!

Cassidy's grandfather was an attorney, so to memorialize him she chose the scales of justice with his initials, his birth year and year he passed away.
Tattoo Artist - Cat - Craven Ink - Greeneville, TN

Beautiful Disaster (information Pending) 

I had an amazing time photographing Cassidy's beautiful artwork! It was a pleasure meeting her daughter. Tattooed moms are the best kind!


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