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One of the best parts about summer is how everyone comes to visit Chris and I! Carolyn and I met in the 7th grade while living in sunny Florida and became close friends over the summer of 2000.
I think besides one other person, Carolyn is my oldest friend. She has grown up into a wonderful woman, a 2nd grade teacher, a fantastic girlfriend to her super sweet firefighter boyfriend, Tyler, and still has that original spark and humor I have loved about her since I was 12.
It was such a special honor photographing her tattoos. 

One of Carolyn's philosophies is that your body is yours to do whatever you like with. Not all tattoos need a purpose, some just exist simply because you like it.

The small skull on her upper back was Carolyn's very first tattoo, paid for by Nicky Ninetones as a birthday gift. She got this one because she likes skulls.

Tattoo Artist: Unknown - Fort Myers Beach Tattoo, Fort Myers, FL


The sparrows are based on an Asian cartoon she saw, and she really loved the way they looked. 

Tattoo Artist: Mark Stewart - Forever Tattoo - Cape Coral, FL

Carolyn describes herself as being 'girlie hardcore'. This adorable skull chest piece is a perfect representation of that. The drawings are originals by the tattoo artist. 

Tattoo Artist - Bear - Unknown Shop - Orlando Florida

Fort Myers, Florida- area code 239, 'home of the newlyweds and nearly deads' as we used to call it! Self described 'Florida Girl', Carolyn says she has state pride in a big way for the Sunshine State even though she was not born there.

Tattoo Artist: Anson Easton - Forever Tattoo - Florida


This Hello Kitty lower back piece is SO Carolyn. All things she loves, Sanrio, sweets, cute things..only thing missing is a skull! The image is an original by the tattoo artist.

Tattoo Artist: Josh Mann - Unknown Shop - Tampa, FL ​

Being a proud Florida girl, Carolyn loves sea creatures. I especially love her upper thigh octopus piece.  She said this took twice as long as most tattoos this size because it is a watercolor piece.
I know how that feels for sure! 

Tattoo Artist: Anson Easton - Forever Tattoo - Cape Coral, FL

Carolyn found this lady with a python on Deviant Art a few years ago. The artist did her own creative take on the artwork to create this stunning thigh piece. Carolyn loves the Dia de los Muertos themed sugar skull makeup worn by the woman and the peacock feathers come from the artist's specialty in them.

Tattoo Artist: Krystal Oreto - Shop Unknown - Saint Petersburg, FL


These super cute bunnies were inspired by a cartoon Carolyn saw on the internet. She and her best friend, Vanessa Nelson have matching ones. Vanessa has hers on the back of her leg.
Again with the foot tattoos on brave ladies! Love it!


Part of the girly side of Carolyn is her seemingly effortless beauty routine that makes her so stylish and beautiful every day. This half sleeve is inspired by antique women's beauty products, as she loves antiques as well as imagining the evolution of common household items. 

Tattoo Artist: Anson Easton - Forever Tattoo - Cape Coral, FL

This half sleeve may be the most meaningful tattoo Carolyn wears. It is not finished yet, but since it is a part of her and is a beautiful memorial piece, I decided to include it. The cupcake shown on the top is based on a victorian style, which had little pearls on top of the icing. The heart says 'Cynthia' because she is Carolyn's best friend. According to Carolyn the hearts are for "My most favorite humans. The ones I hold in the highest regard." What a compliment! Below the Cupcake, you see some steam coming off a cup of coffee, within the steam is the name 'Kathleen'. Kathleen, (or Kay as I knew her) is Carolyn's amazingly sweet and wonderful mother, who tragically passed away in an accident when we were teenagers. She was a fantastic lady who treated me like I was one of her own children and for that, I will always hold a special place in my heart for her <3  
At the base of the coffee cup, you see the name 'Peggy'. Sadly, I never met Peggy, but she is Carolyn's stepmother, who passed away a few years ago from cancer.
May Kay and Peggy rest in peace. <3
Carolyn has seen her share of loss and felt the pain and the beauty of love more than anyone else I know. She is also one of the most inspiring, optimistic, intelligent and laid back people I have ever met, so we can all learn something about life from my friend.
She is a diamond in the rough, certainly. 

Tattoo Artist: Krystal Oreto - Shop Unknown - Saint Petersburg, FL

"You can change your body to be however you want it to be, because it is yours. You don't have to feel like it is other people's business what you do with it. Not just with tattoos, in general. Never let other people make choices for you, just express yourself and be who you are. I am a big advocate of human rights as well as body positivity, just be yourself and be happy with yourself!"

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Melissa Nixon(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing this Ashley & Carolyn. It's wonderful seeing pictures and hearing stories about my friends lives. You two along with one other person are the oldest friends I have.
Thanks again for the wonderful story, artwork and photography. Love you guys <3
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