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Meet Chasitty!Ashleylodgephotography2014-1

Chasitty is going to be featured in an upcoming art exhibit I will showing in conjunction with Jim McGee’s Graveyard Shift, but more about that in the coming weeks ;)
Chasity is a beautiful alternative model, mother to a beautiful 8 year old boy, a nursing student and coma survivor. Her story is one that captivated me and kept us talking (as almost all of my InkLove friends do!) for hours after the shoot.  Read on to see her artwork as well as learn the unique stories behind it all.
Chasitty’s first tattoo is a playboy bunny symbol on her hip. She liked the feminine properties of the iconic logo, but she wanted it to be a little different. The tattoo artist took artistic liberties, giving the bunny a floppy ear and a more human like eye with long lashes. The simple and bold work on this piece is so sharp, people used to tell her it was fake!

Tattoo Artist: Unknown – Jefferson City, TN 


Although I do not know the joys of motherhood yet, I do know I would absolutely want  tattoo to symbolize the beautiful life I create one day when I do. I love this simple tattoo of her son’s birth date. He was three years old at the time she had this done, and was present for when she got it. Love it!


“when i grow up i wanna be a dr. so i can find that piece of your heart that is missing and put it back” No sweeter words could ever be spoken then those from your sweetheart child. Chasitty’s son said this to her in refrance to this anatomic heart tattoo. She had this done after a breakup, wanting to symbolize the piece of her heart that was missing.

Tattoo Artist: Boyd Reid Tattoo – Knoxville, TN


Memorial tattoos-covered by a recent InkLove blog, I always love the meaning and stories behind them. Almost everyone who has tattoos has at least one, and the stories of the loved ones lost are so beautiful and touching.

Chasitty lost a good friend of hers to an automobile accident on 25E a few years ago. Shortly before the crash, she had an argument with her friend about the choices he was making in his life. He was going down a rocky path, and she desperately wanted to help.  His death was very traumatic for her as they did not part on the best of terms. This traditional style nautical star tattoo is a constant reminder to her that there is always a different path you can choose in life-sometimes before it is too late.

The name “Jacob Hayden” is her sweet little boy’s name, of course!

Tattoo Artists – Unknown


Chasitty’s current long term boyfriend came into her life at such a perfect time. She felt like the person she was inside had been locked away and that she had to pretend to be someone else for a time. She says he feels like the key to her heart, encouraging her to be herself and believing in her.

The heart of glass is a representation of Chasitty’s heart as she sees it-fragile and easily broken.

Tattoo Artist – Daniel Sessums –Make Yourself Tattoo Studio – Talbott, TN


The bows around these beautiful flowers make Chasitty feel like they are tied to her forever. She loves flowers so much and always has. The complex and beautiful way they naturally display such beautiful colors makes her heart sing.

Tattoo Artist – Daniel Sessums –Make Yourself Tattoo Studio – Talbott, TN

Ashleylodgephotography2014-4 Ashleylodgephotography2014-5

This piece really resonates with me. Chasitty grew up in a world where people pressured her to wear makeup and be cookie cutter perfect darling girl. She believes people have a tough time facing their own truths. She was bullied in highschool, people talked so negatively to her. It’s a great revelation when you understand their insecurities  come from a place within themselves, inspired by fear of their own inner truths. I believe Chasitty has become the perfect woman, indeed!

Tattoo Artist – Daniel Sessums –Make Yourself Tattoo Studio – Talbott, TN


When Chasitty was 18 years old, she was hit by an 18 wheeler as she was crossing the 1-60 in Morristown. She was severely injured and in a deep coma for 22 days. She experienced cerebral hemorrhaging, but aside from a fractured skull, she miraculously was in tact throughout the rest of her body. The stories she shared with me regarding that experience were pretty incredible, but knowing this was only one of many brushes with death and injury she has had really is crazy.

This anchor is symbolic of some of the toughest times of her life. Life has never really slowed down for her, and having an affirmation she is anchored to the ground every day is encouraging. She feels as though nothing can pull her from the surf, that she will always overcome and persevere.

Tattoo Artist: Megan Whidman- Ron Cassidy’s Tattoo Addiction– Rogersville, TN


Once when Chasitty was little she and her father found an injured owl on the side of the road. They took him in, helping to heal his broken wing and nurse him back to health. He would sit in the kitchen and peacefully be a part of the family. She says owls are admirable because they are passive predators who know their place in the world. They are wise and true. Being a ‘child of the night’ herself, Chasitty relates to owls. She feels they are magical, with their big eyes, ability to fly and creepy strange ways about them. To me, they are a symbol of wisdom, and Chasitty has earned that badge for sure!

Tattoo Artist: Megan Whidman –Ron Cassidy’s Tattoo Addiction -Rogersville, TN


sea turtle-from California, love sea turtles, favorite animal, so free and ageless, i can imagine all the things they see. they cruise through the ocean and life doing their thinking, they are beautiful. they make me feel really peaceful. always admired them. connect more with animals than people.
the diamonds around it, i am obsessed with zombies, just wanted lots of attention brought to it.

Originally from California, Chasitty loves sea turtles. These ancient creatures are her absolute favorite. They are so free and ageless as they beautifully  and peacefully cruise through the ocean. She really feels as though she connects with animals more than people. She wanted to put diamonds around it to bring more attention to it.
Tattoo Artist: Megan Whidman –Ron Cassidy’s Tattoo Addiction -Rogersville, TN


This is the face of a model, future nurse, survivor, mother and all around amazing woman. I cannot wait to work with her again soon!


Keep an eye out for the InkLove 12 , coming out soon!
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