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Meet Leighann!

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Leighann is a multi-faceted and talented young woman. She is the general manager at Tail of the dragon which is touted as being America’s number one motoring road. A scenic cruise beside the Great Smokey Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, It boasts 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch. A cautious but amazing ride, Leighann and her long term boyfriend have experienced it numerous times.
Leighann is best friends and works along side Lori from killboy. You may remember her from several InkLove blogs ago, with her amazing fuchsia hair and vibrant ink.  The two are not only besties, but they share a very close knit professional relationship as well.
Read on to find out more about this inspirational and beautiful woman, as well as the ink she wears!


Leighann isn’t just a gear head and speed demon. She is a very talented singer and a published/signed model as well. Nothing good without challenges though! Leighann is a big fan of the hashtag #NotTooShort as she is a wee bit tiny for modeling according to those who believe in that short of thing. We share the philosophy that standards like height are a load of crap-that any woman or man who wants to be a model can be, as there are ways of lengthening yourself in images as well on the runway.  Leighann is an inspiration for any girl who wants to achieve their dreams, which I simply love about her!


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Leighann’s first tattoo is the Japanese symbol for ‘dragon’. Her best friend had always said he wanted to buy her first tattoo for her 18th birthday. Leighanne’s birthday came and went, and she had chickened out, assuming she would get it some other time, she carried on with her virgin skin. Unfortunately, He passed away in a tragic and sudden motorcycle accident a year later.  Leighann decided to get this in honor and memory of her dear friend shortly after his passing.  The stars were added later.

Tattoo Artist: Leeann Proffitt – Passion Fish Tattoo – Maryville, TN
Tattoo Artist: (stars)- Nate – Integrity Tattoo – Maryville, TN


Some people want to be Kate Middleton or Pink when they grow up. Leighann isn't ‘some people’, Leighann is way cooler-she wanted to be a vampire! Dressing as a vampire every year for Halloween, she used to tell her mom and dad that if a vampire ever showed up, she would allow him/her to bite her so she could join them in their undead, blood sucking eternity. Basically, Leighann is hardcore!
This tattoo is a portrayal of herself as a vamp, just like she always dreamed, stood in front of a castle fit for Dracula. That Japanese symbol? Well, that means Vampire, of course!

Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harrison – Chainlink Tattoo– Maryville, TN

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If you keep up with my InkLove blogs, you remember Lori’s misheard lyric tattoo. Even though in the Sponge song ‘Plowed’, ‘Beautiful reject’ is not the lyric, I think going with it anyway and creating a new meaning is awesome. Leighann and Lori both have this line on them, and Leighann picked a skull because she loves them so much. They agreed that people with tattoos are somewhat viewed by society as rejects even though we have such beautiful artwork on our bodies.

Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harrison – Chainlink Tattoo– Maryville, TN
Leighann’s dad is a rock n roll star! She was brought up listening to classic rock with her hero she calls Dad. She and Lori came across at Friday the 13th special at Ambition Tattoo and Leighanne decided to get the Van Halen logo done up with the number 13 on her wrist.

Tattoo Artist: Danny Fugate – Ambition Tattoo – Knoxville, TN

The Scorpio symbol was done as a part of the memorial for her friend who had passed away in the motorcycle accident, as they are both Scorpios.

Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harrison – Chainlink Tattoo – Maryville, TN


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This awesome music piece is full of great meaning.
The zombie pin up girl featured has a few scars (like the best of us!) She symbolizes how no one is perfect, no matter how beautiful, and that no matter what goes wrong in life you have to just pick it all up and keep going.  The sheet music featured is Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’, a childhood favorite of hers. It was one of the first songs she ever covered.

Tattoo Artist- Kevin Harrison – Chainlink Tattoo – Maryville. TN


One of the things Leighann has always wanted to do is be a storm chaser. Infatuated by the beauty and chaos of tornadoes, she finds them fascinating. Leighann does not want to pack it all up and move out to the mid-west, who are infamous for their storms; so she admires them from home when she can. A hobby of hers is going out to get photographs of lightning (I am impressed! I can’t even get a good lightning photo!) Although some would judge and think it bad to root for a ‘big one’, Leighann recognizes the danger and sadness that comes with this type of weather, taking people’s lives and homes at times; Leighann would want to help people in disaster relief, as well as learn more about the storms to get better tracking systems available to prevent casualties.

Tattoo Artist – Kevin Harrison – Chainlink Tattoo – Maryville, TN

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When Jennifer Connelly could not find a way through the Labyrinth in the famous 1986 film, she took council from a wise British worm, who explained to her-
“Things are not always as they seem in this place. So you can’t take anything for granted.”
Having grown up with this film, she and her younger sister, Kagen, had this quote done together. They both know the film by heart, line by line.

Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harrison – Chainlink Tattoos – Maryville, TN

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It was wonderful getting to know Leighann!
Please take a moment and support her singing and modelling by clicking here and checking out her work!

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