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Introducing Lori Canon

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-18 F

Lori is, in one word: Fantastic.
She is an automobile photographer & owner of Killboy and model for Killgurl. She is a model signed with Gage Model & Talent Agency, and a certified Scuba diver. She has been a loving wife for a decade. Seriously, she pretty much rocks the house.

Lori Comp F1

I met Lori  off the runway, specifically, Werk the Runway, an awesome fashion show put on the wonderfully talented Melissa Young & Eric McKinney.  Lori is bright and colorful not only in appearance; she has this sort of quirky, vibrant and artistic nature about her. Which is exactly how I would describe these beautiful tattoos you are about to see!


Lori’s First tattoo ever- This was inspired by Cold’s album, ’13 ways to bleed on stage’. The symbol in the center of the spider is a symbol for intuition.
 Tattoo Artist: Unknown – asheville, NC-2003

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-3 F

The seams on Lori’s legs were inspired by a Suicide Girl who had a similar tattoo.

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-11 F

The seam used to go all the way under her heal! (Ink does not always hold on certain areas, like feet) The bows are a re-work piece.
Tattoo Artist: Matt burns – Saint tattoo – Knoxville,TNAshleyLodgePhotography2015-12 F

Did I mention Lori also drives Motorcycles?
I am always telling people to watch out for motorcycles because so many people I love are riding them. In 2008, Lori was hit head on by a vehicle while riding her motorcycle. The man and his wife were both doing fine, so they attempted to leave the scene. A few bystanders witnessed the crash, and were able to hold them off until the police arrived.
Lori spent two days in a hospital with a broken wrist. She needed to have rods put in, and then almost immediately taken back out because her body rejected them.  The date on the tombstone is the date of the accident, and the bike is a tattoo of the last photo Lori took of it.

arm 1 F

I love this traditional style pin-up witch flag girl riding past the Nightmare Before Christmas hill!  There are so many things I love about this, so I’ll let Lori explain it herself:

“It (pin-up) was part of the motorcycle inspired tattoo, just combining a lot of things I love, motorcycles, going fast, Halloween, and Nightmare Before Christmas…oh and the dead trees, I LOVE old dead trees.”

AshleyLodgePhotography2015 F
Lori loves stars, spaceships & aliens, so she made the sky go all the way up to the cosmos. The little spaceship is adorable!

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-2 F

From the depths of space to the bottom of the sea, Lori wanted to represent the ocean. Lori became a certified Scuba diver in St.Lucia in ’07. After spending some time on a beach in Jamaica she decided she wanted to continue the flow and make this part of her arm underwater.
She saw this mermaid online and thought she was awesome! I love her little fish bone tail and the starfish on her wrist.

mermaid F

Naturally, an amazing person like Lori loves pirates. I think there is a rule about that somewhere, that in order to be awesome you must love pirates.

This entire arm (space to the sea!) is all done by one gifted artist.
Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harrison, – chain link – Maryville, TN
(this artist does not work at this shop anymore)

Pirate Ship F

This abstract butterfly is inspired by a misheard lyric. Lori heard ‘beautiful reject’ which she related to how she felt perceived by society. She saw herself and those around her as beautiful, while others would label them rejects. Lori’s best friend has a matching tattoo on her forearm, but with an abstract skull instead of butterfly.
Tattoo Artist: Kevin Harrison, – chain link – Maryville, TN

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-8 F

Another amazing thing to add to Lori’s fantastic talents repertoire, is that she is a special effects makeup artist as a hobby. This zombie nurse is based on a photo of Lori with special effects she did herself!
The tattoo artist posted an image of the rose on facebook. He ran $100 special for anyone who wanted it.

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-6 F

The rose on the side of the Zombie Nurse’s head is a cover up of a ’13’ tattoo.


Underneath this chaotic and colorful zombie apocalypse scene, Lori once had an owl on a hill with a tree. She decided she wanted her whole right arm to be her ‘zombie arm’.
All of the artwork on this arm is by the same artist:

Tattoo Artist: Danny Fugate- Ambition Tattoo – Knoxville, TN

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-7 F

In the tattoo world, when friday the 13th rolls around, it is a reason to celebrate. Some shops run specials for $13, these usually are small and specific tattoos, or occasionally the shop will offer free #13 tattoos,
similar to this one:

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-15 F

Lori really wanted a pin-up tattoo but she could not settle on what she wanted exactly. Her hubby suggested she use a photo of herself, so she did! I love it!
Tattoo Artist: Roly M Viruez tattoo technique -Clarksville, TN

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-13 F

This stunning thigh piece began as just roses with filigree, I am so happy the tattoo artist suggested a skull, and Lori is too! It’s so realistic it’s creepy.

Tattoo Artist: Roly M Viruez – tattoo technique -Clarksville, TN

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-10 F

Thanks to Lori again for coming by the studio and telling me all about her ink! It was awesome hearing her stories and seeing her incredible art work.

The best part? Every time I click the shutter button, Lori works the camera-

AshleyLodgePhotography2015-22 F

Thats a supermodel for ya ;)comp 2


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