InkLove #7 Amanda Panda and the Woman of Steel

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Introducing Amanda!

Amanda is so much fun! She has a hedgehog named Spike, loves Tim Burton, art, comics, animals and on top of all that awesome-she is an artist & body painter.

Amanda comp

Amanda’s first tattoo is this sparrow. Amanda is a spiritual girl and after a very frighting car accident she remembered a quote;
‘God catches every sparrow that falls.’
The Lotus is another gorgeous cover up by Amanda Styles. The lotus covers an earlier tatoo of a scroll that said ‘Fight The Power.’ The Purple Lotus signifies new beginnings and new awakenings. Last year At 27 years old she began going to college at Walters State.
Tattoo Artist (Sparrow):- unknown – Passion Fish Tattoo – Maryville, TN
Tattoo Artist (Lotus): Amanda Styles – Modify Tattoo & Piercings – Morristown, TN

ashleylodgephotographyburgin2015-36 F

As a result of the car accident Amanda was involved in, she had metal rods placed in her back. She calls herself the ‘Woman of Steel!’ A real super girl <3
Tattoo Artist: Unknown – Knoxville, TN

Ashleylodgephotography2014 F-1

Amanda had a nickname growing up- ‘Amanda Panda'; which was the reason she got this adorable little guy.
Tattoo Artist: Boyd Reid Tattoos – Morristown, TN

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I cannot wait to see this grenade after she adds watercolor to it! Amanda had this done at the same time as her ‘Fight The Power!’ wrist banner. She had met a grifter who traded her two tattoos for some comic books.
I love the barter system!

ashleylodgephotographyburgin2015-35 F

Freddy the studio cat always comes out to say hello. Or maybe he just wanted to check out
Amanda’s awesome shoes!

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