InkLove #5 Kailyn & Josh's Memorial Tattoos

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Everybody loves their Grandparents so much. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Not only are they the best people in general to hang out with, they have embarrassing stories about your parents as well! It isn’t just in photographs the stories and memories of these amazing people become immortal, but in artistic portrayals those they love wear for the rest of their lives.

Meet Kailyn.


Kailyn is an artist from Illinois who moved here a few years ago. She is a senior at West High and smiles all the time, which is fantastic because she has a gorgeous smile!
She has a beautiful tattoo on her hip in memory of her grandmother. It is a custom design with a beautiful meaning behind it’s layout.

The big rose represents her grandmother, the small rose represents Kailyn and the vine connecting them represents their relationship. The thorn? That represents her grandmother’s death :( I love this tattoo so much. Not only is the art beautiful, but it has such a beautiful meaning behind it as well.

Tattoo Artist: Rob Kinman – Powerhouse Tattoo – Wise, West Virginia


Kailyn didn’t just bring her beautiful art-she had a friend visiting from Chicago with a freshly inked arm piece!

Meet Josh.


Josh has been a friend of Kailyn’s since as long as they can both remember. I felt really lucky to have met him and seen this amazing arm piece.

Tattoo Artist: Stefano  – Aurora, Chicago


Before I say anything else, I really need to love on the eyes in this portrait. The catch lights really bring her to life. Stefano really did an amazing job!

This beautiful lady is a representation of Josh’s guardian angel. The names on the banners of the tattoo are his grandpa and grandma’s surnames and the dates they passed away.
I love tattoos with meaning, especially well executed and artistic portraits like this.


It was awesome meeting Kailyn & Josh!

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