InkLove #4 Caroline & Beau

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Meet Caroline.

Caroline is from New Zealand, a mother of three and wife of a local Pastor.
She has a brilliant smile that is so big and bright, you can’t help but smile as well! I love her sense of humor, which reminds me of my british hubby-she said herself in reference to jokes back home-“Anything goes!” I love that!

Caroline brought her son with her too. Beau was born in February, so he is a little squishy adorable man and I just love him to bits. I was so glad to have them both in my studio and hear her touching meaning behind her traditional Tā moko tattoo.

Tattoo Artist: James – Powerhouse Tattoo – Palmerston, New Zealand



Three years ago, a tragic car accident took away Caroline’s father. Yet this is not your every day memorial tattoo. Caroline chose to get a traditional tribal tattoo to immortalize her love for her father. This style of tattoo, called
Tā moko is a New Zealand tradition, used to signify the tribe you belong to.
The top of her piece signifies the mountains of the Ngāpuhi. These mountains were a way to create boundaries between the tribes. The bottom part is the emblem of the Tainui, and the rose in the center is the same tattoo Caroline’s father had on his arm.
I love all the symbolism, tradition and love that went into this work of art.
It really speaks to me about how different and heartfelt tattoos can be.

Of course, since she brought little Beau along, I had to get a few shots of the two of them! Too beautiful to resist!





It was wonderful meeting Caelin & Broten!

Keep an eye out for the InkLove 5, coming out this week!
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