InkLove #2- Samantha

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Meet Samantha.


Samantha is a true diamond in the rough, her husband is a lucky guy!
He got the full package when he married her:
Beauty, patience, intelligence & an artistic vision to make the
world a better place.
Samantha is a School Bus driver full time.
She doesn’t just drive any bus though-she lends her peaceful nature, patience and love to the special needs children in the area. I always thought it takes a special type of person with a big heart to work with disabled children, and Samantha certainly fits the bill.
That isn’t all she does-she is also going to school for Holistic Medicine, with an eventual goal to continue her education to be a licensed Acupuncturist.



Samantha has an awesome story, and you can tell right away she has a Gypsy soul. Which makes sense, because she has this beautiful arm piece to go with it. It has an old Gypsy Proverb written, “we are all wandering on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.”
Tattoo Artist: JP Lee - Against All Odds – Knoxville, TN


Samantha is a brave soul as well. In my last InkLove blog, I talked a little bit about how badly foot tattoos hurt, which is why I have massive respect for anyone who has made that choice.  I love this colorful Peacock feather! Samantha said she chose this design simply because she loves the design.
Tattoo Artist: Keith Russel – Body Canvas (does not work there anymore)


When Samantha and her husband were married, they both got matching Anchors with hearts on their ring finger! Something to keep in mind when placing a finger tattoo: At no fault of your artist, the side of your fingers gets a ton of wear, so the ink doesn’t always take so well. If you make the choice to have a tattoo on the side of your finger, be ready to go back in for touch-ups every few years!
Tattoo Artist: Daniel Sessums – Make Yourself Tattoo Studio




Speaking of tiny tattoos, I could have really used a macro lens for this peace sign!  When I asked her why she got it done, she had the best reply-
“it’s how I live.”
Perfect <3
Tattoo Artist: Daniel Sessums – Make Yourself Tattoo Studio



“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

One of my favorite Bob Marley quotes! It must be one of Samantha’s, too. She had this done in New York with one of her friends. Music has always been such an important part of her life, so she immortalized it on her thigh.
Tattoo Artist: Unknown* – New York



The Hamsa hand is an old and still popular amulet for magical protection from the envious or evil eye. The words hamsa and hamesh mean “five” and refer to the digits on the hand. It is also considered a symbol of good future and prosperity, which is why Samantha wears it. I am in love with the roses behind the Hasma. Daniel really did a great job on this cover up of a star!
Tattoo Artist: Daniel Sessums – Make Yourself Tattoo Studio



I really enjoyed Samantha’s time in the studio with me. If this experiment has shown me anything so far, it is that every individual has so much depth and character. I loved talking to Samantha about her life, ambitions and family.



Keep an eye out for the InkLove 3, coming out this week!
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**TATTOO ARTISTS** If you have been listed as ‘unknown’ and you are the artist responsible for a tattoo shown here, please let me know so I can give you credit!*



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