INkLove #1 Becca & Jessica

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I recently asked a bunch of random strangers from the internet to come into my home studio and show me their tattoos.

I thought about the 10 I have and what they mean to me.
I did not enter my body art journey carelessly, I custom design each tattoo with my best friend/tattoo artist Holly Frantz (Fort Myers, FL, The Body Shop, Ink.) and think about it for awhile before getting it done. Each piece of artwork has a deep personal meaning for me, and the act of finally getting it done is almost like a meditative & therapeutic process.
So I wondered, what is everyone else’s story?

Becca & Jessica were the first people to contact me after a model call I posted looking for interesting people with interesting ink.
This session was great because the tattoos as well as the women who wear them are inspired & beautiful.

Meet Jessica
A fan of peace, love, happiness, Disney princesses,
literature & art.

Where all my Moulin Rouge ladies at?
Jessica watched this movie with her fiance all the time when they first started dating.  
Plus, what a fantastic quote!

Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN

“The Beatrice Letters” from Lemony Snicket’s A series of Unfortunate Events.
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN


I love this classic Alice & Wonderland image.
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN


This Anchor is for Jessica’s fiance, who loves flowers!
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN

Jessica loves Pocahontas, and I love this artistic vision of her!
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN

Did I mention she LOVES Disney Princesses?
Tattoo by: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN

Harry Potter fans, you gotta love Jess’s Deathly Hallows tattoo!
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN

Lemony Snicket, this tattoo is a running theme in the series of books,
A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN


I love literary tattoos so much, almost all of mine have been inspired by books as well. It was wonderful meeting a kindred spirit, as well as appreciating the brilliant pieces of living art she looks at every day!

Meet Becca
Some women press beautiful flowers they find in a book.
Becca keeps them for the rest of her life.

This Hibiscus flower reminds me so much of living in Florida. I love the placement of this. It is Becca’s favorite flower.
Tattoo Artist- Unknown* - Liberty Ink - Morristown, TN

The perfect tattoo for the craft/DIY lover! This stitched heart tattoo was done on the same day as her fiance, as Valentine’s Day gifts for each other! This has since become a theme in their relationship, most of the tattoos they have they got together.
Tattoo Artist- Unknown* – Skinsations - Jefferson City, TN


Beeca’s Japanese Cherry Blossoms! They are such a pretty flower!
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN


Her Daisies & Flower collage were inspired by flowers she found on Pinterest.
Tattoo Artist: Amanda Stiles – Modify Ink – Morristown, TN

Notice how most of Becca’s tattoos are not colored in. This is no accident!
She has not had them colored in yet, and told me she won’t for a very long time. She says she wants to wait 20 years or so. That way, when she has fully appreciated the images in grey scale, she can get them
colored in!

I really have to give her some credit! Foot tattoos, from what everyone who has one tells me-hurt like crazy! This was Becca’s first as well, which makes me respect it even more.
Tattoo Artist: Unknown* – Tattoos by Wayne

Congratulations are certainly in order! I love Becca’s engagement ring, it goes along with Jess’s tattoo so well.

Becca_Jess2015ashleylodgephotography-150326_Mohabat + Mandeep September 8, 2016 - Mohabat Mahyian

It was a pleasure getting to know Becca & Jessica. They are bright and beautiful young women with an amazing future together.
I cannot wait to photograph their wedding one day!

Jessica & Becca will be celebrating their 3 year anniversary on April 1st.
They met while working together, but Becca has known Jess’s family most of her life. These two are the definition of bliss and I cannot wait for them
to tie the knot.

True love does not come without it’s own challenges,
but these two throw them off with a shrug.
I admire how sincerely and unconditionally they love each other. I can tell they are going to make amazing parents one day! When the wedding day comes, you can expect to see me there, camera in hand and most likely crying a bit because I always do at beautiful weddings for awesome people. <3

Keep an eye out for the InkLove 2, coming out this week!
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**TATTOO ARTISTS** If you have been listed as ‘unkown’ and you are the artist responsible for a tattoo shown here, please let me know so I can give you credit!*




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