10 images of Jocelyn Perez that are Fully Loaded!

July 25, 2014  •  2 Comments

What do you get when you give a beautiful track runner big weapons, swanky outfits, professional makeup and point a camera at her?
One really awesome photo shoot!


Missy Young is a professional makeup artist in the East Tennessee area, although she is looking to expand her clientele base and travel more. We have worked together once before on my ‘Springtime In Wonderland’ series, where she applied makeup to my super out there versions of the Mad Hatter, Alice & White Rabbit. Missy had the original concept for having some beautiful women pose with big guns. Naturally, I was down for this, especially if we got to play with styles and makeup. 6 models showed up to this session, and each and every one got their very own style and theme to show off their inner bad girl.

We started Jocelyn off with a classy and refined look. Sort of like a sexy FBI agent gone vigilante.
It sure was fun to play around with, and no worries that gun is NOT loaded.

It was so much fun! Maybe TOO much fun ;)

untitled shoot-281 Fjpmorganchase-4608

Jocelyn says 'put em up, boys!' untitled shoot-282 F

Beauty, brains and brawn-look out world!

Let’s get up close and personal and appreciate that beautiful makeup job by Missy Young!

untitled shoot-299 FSB_02769

How is this for an alter ego? Inspired by Michele Rodriguez’s rugged and dangerous style from the 2010 Predators film. 
Jocelyn rocked this look out!

untitled shoot-550 F

Straight out of Call of Duty!

 Such emotion in those eyes, She really knows how to play up expressions and I was loving it!

untitled shoot-584 F

Jocelyn living that thug life ;) untitled shoot-588 F

“I really enjoyed working with Ashley and the other models last Saturday. Ashley’s choice of location and style of wardrobe for the shoot made it fun and interesting. My makeup was done by Missy (Young) and while I typically do not let anyone do it, I was pleased with the outcome. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with both of these talented ladies in the future.”


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Ashley Lodge Photography
Thank you so much! I am glad you see the intention and beauty in this series <3 That holster really made this look complete, so thanks again so much for that!
Barbara Johnson(non-registered)
Wonderful photos. Great to see a young, beautiful, woman showing her strong side. Speaks volumes of how a woman can protect herself and remain classy.
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