When it comes to choosing their wedding collection, many couples can’t decide whether or not they would like to include a wedding album. The decision is particularly hard to make since we live in a digital age, and they get a cute little USB with all their wedding images anyway. But the question is — How often do you go back to that USB to look though pictures? Not too often. More often than not, it will be forgotten in a drawer somewhere gathering dust.


Here’s why I BELIEVE that every couple deserves  a wedding album:


    •    QUALITY — You paid for HIGH QUALITY photography. Display your images in a high quality way. Most album companies that the average consumer has access to are very inexpensive because the materials they use to create those albums are cheap. So yeah, you may save a buck or two by getting an inexpensive album from one of these retailers, but that usually means that it will likely fall apart quicker than a high-quality album created by a professional photographer using a professional lab. Most professional photographers use labs that specialize in making albums with bindings that are very strong and durable, ensuring the couple will have their album for generations to come.



IT’S YOUR FIRST FAMILY HEIRLOOM — A wedding album tells your story. You invested too much in your wedding photography to have your images stuck on a USB, never to be seen by the world. Show them off! By ordering an album, you create a new centerpiece to have sitting around for friends and family to see when they come over. Not only that, but you will see it often as well, remind you of the special day you tied the knot with your significant other.


    •    DURABILITY — A custom-designed album is way better than sitting in front of your computer clicking “next” with your mouse in order to get to the next image. Your grandchildren would enjoy flipping through the pages of your one of a kind wedding album rather than trying to find a way to make your old CD work. Who uses CDs these days anyways?! What about the days that your grandchildren will be around?

I know albums are expensive, and perhaps a wedding album is not in your budget — if that is the case, I encourage you to please, please at least print your wedding images on photo paper. If we are completely honest, your images are the ONLY thing that you spent money on for your wedding, that will increase in value over time. And maybe, just maybe, there are a few things on your list that could be cut off in order to invest in the only thing that you will remember from your wedding. Yes, albums are expensive and there is a good reason for that. Each of them are manually designed, stitched and assembled into a beautiful custom book for you to preserve your memories in. A lot of work and effort is put into this custom book for you to enjoy the high quality product.

Interested in ordering an album? It’s easy, just shoot me an email and we’ll get started!